Return policy

Sales Terms

All sales and deliveries are made in accordance with the general delivery provisions IML 2000 with the following additions/changes, unless another written agreement has been reached between the parties.

Payment Terms

When using Stripe for payments, the transaction is processed immediately upon order confirmation. The amount is charged to the customer’s credit or debit card as per the details provided during the transaction. Customers are responsible for providing accurate and valid payment information. QH-system AB will provide an electronic receipt for each transaction, which serves as proof of purchase. In case of payment disputes or issues, customers should contact QH-system AB directly.


Delivery is Ex Works (Incoterms 2020). This means that the buyer is responsible for all transportation costs and risks associated with delivering the goods from QH-system AB’s premises to the desired destination. The buyer must arrange for transport, handle all export and import procedures, and bear the full costs and risks of moving the goods to their final destination.


On standard orders, a freight charge is levied (not on backorders), unless otherwise agreed between the parties.


Sales to business customers


If the goods are damaged upon arrival, this must be immediately reported to QH-system AB. Before making a complaint, the customer should contact QH-system AB. Complaints about a product must be made in writing within 8 days from the date of arrival.

Return Policy/Buyback

Before returning, the customer should contact QH-system AB. Returns caused by the buyer are credited with 80% of the invoiced price and a crediting fee is added. The goods must be returned in undamaged condition, in original packaging, and with paid freight. Products that are not part of QH-system AB’s standard range and special products are not subject to buyback.