In this FAQ/Knowledge Base, you will find answers to commonly asked questions and valuable information about our products and services. 

It is not expensive to use compressed air in combination with SPILLVAC® equipments as the periods of appli- cation are so short. It takes about 2 minutes to fill a 200 liter standard drum with the help of SPILLVAC® equipment which corresponds to costs of a few eurocents.

SPILLVAC® is the perfect replacement where large and small spills and liquids are handled. Reliable and in- sensitive to surrounding environment without the risk of burnt out motors.

Do not use SPILLVAC® in combination with radioactive material, acids, highly inflammable material, material which solidifies while cooling down, for example fat.

SPILLVAC® creates double the vacuum compared to electrical wetcleaners, therefore the hose can be 10-20 meters. The problem with too long a hose is the added volume of liquid that stay in the hose when the con- tainer is full (1 meter hose contains 1,13 liter).

SPILLVAC® suction height is 3,9 meter in theory, although more than 2,5 meter is not recommended and re- quires a shorter hose (max 2,5 meter).

2” and 3/4” bung holes are international standard and used on most 200/215 liter closed head drums.

SPILLVAC® ATEX products are all made of conductive and antistatic material to prevent static electricity. SPILLVAC® complies with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) for use in potentially explosive environments (EX) zone 1 and 2.
The equipment is intended for operation in potentially explosive
atmospheres according to:
Equipment group: ll
Category: 2
Apparatus group: llB/IIIB
With a flash point above +55°C (see the product safety sheets).

Traditionally, absorbing 200 liters of spills typically requires a significant amount of work and approximately 800 liters of absorbents.

This results in over 1000 liters of hazardous waste.

With Spillvac you eliminate the need of absorbents.