Is compressed air too expensive to use for vacuum cleaning?

It is not expensive to use compressed air in combination with SPILLVAC® equipment as the periods of application are very short. It takes about 2 minutes to fill a 200 liter standard drum with the help of SPILLVAC® equipment which corresponds to costs of a few eurocents.


Is an electrical industrial vacuum cleaner more flexible?

SPILLVAC® is the perfect replacement where large and small spills and liquids are handled. Reliable and insensitive to surrounding environment without the risk of burnt out electrical motors.


What are the limits of SPILLVAC® equipment?

Do not use SPILLVAC® in combination with radioactive material, acids, highly inflammable material, material which solidifies while cooling down, for example fat.


How long suction hose can I use?

SPILLVAC® creates double the vacuum compared to electrical wetcleaners, consequently hose lenght of 10-20 meters is possible. The problem with too long a hose is the added volume of liquid that stay in the hose when the container is full (1 meter hose contains 1,13 liter).

SPILLVAC® suction height is 3,9 meter in theory, although more than 2,5 meter is not recommended and requires a shorter hose (max 2,5 meter).


Do all standard drums have the same holes?

2” and 3/4” bung holes are international standard and used on most 200/215 liter closed head drums.


When should I choose an ATEX model?
SPILLVAC® ATEX products are all made of conductive and antistatic material to prevent static electricity. SPILLVAC® complies with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for use in potentially explosive environments (EX) zone 1 and 2.
The equipment is useful for class 3 products with a flash point above +55°C (see the product safety sheets).