The Spillvac® ATEX Family

Our SPILLVAC® products with the ATEX sign can be used in ATEX environment and works with all liquids with a flash point above +55 °C, e.g. B. washing and cooling water, oil, paint, mud, glycol, diesel, lubricating oil etc. (not for solvents). See chart below the products.

The ATEX versions comes in different versions with 50, 80 or 200 litres containers. They work exactly the same as the ordinary units, but are built with antistatic materials which prevent static electricity and the hazards that can occur.

$ 53$ 55

The ATEX code is:

The ATEX equipment can be used as replacement for or additionally to absorbents, for cleaning up fluids from the ground or for emptying machines and containers. Recommended for material which consists mainly of liquids.

Oil wasteColour wasteOthers
Oil spillWaterbased coloursWashing water
MudColour mudGlycol
Machine oilSticky waterDiesel
Oleaginous waterInkCoolants
Oil mud
Lubricating grease emulsions