The Future of Industrial Cleaning!

Spillvac offers powerful compressed air driven vacuum cleaners that revolutionize spill cleanup. Our advanced technology replaces absorbent agents, ensuring superior safety, efficiency, economy, and environmental sustainability.

Experience the next generation of industrial cleaning with Spillvac. Contact us today and discover a new standard in cleaning excellence!

Redefining Industrial Cleaning for the Future!

Spillvac is at the forefront of driving climate-friendly practices within the engineering industry. Our commitment to sustainable environmental safety is evident in three key areas: our solutions for liquid handling, the utilization of long-lasting stainless steel materials, and our production processes in Sweden.

Additionally, our durable compressed air driven vacuum cleaners are designed to stand the test of time, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and benefiting both the environment and the economy.

Spillvac® Basic with hose, suction tube, and nozzles. Designed for vacuuming slurry, oils, and solids into drums

Transforming Industrial Cleaning and Packaging Efficiency!

Experience the ultimate convenience with SPILLVAC® Basic. Our vacuum cleaner directly suction slurry, oils, cutting fluids, and dust-free solids, eliminating the need for separate packaging.


Effortlessly Clean with Precision and Mobility!

Introducing SPILLVAC® PressOut, the ultimate solution for efficient cleaning of slurry, oils, cutting fluids, and dust-free solids. With its compact design, measuring only 395 mm in width and equipped with large wheels for easy maneuvering, it is specially designed for tight spaces.


Elevate Your Cleaning Efficiency to New Heights!

Engineered for efficient cleaning of slurry, oils, cutting fluids, and dust-free solids, this compact powerhouse is specially designed to excel in tight spaces. With its sleek design measuring only 395 mm in width and featuring large maneuverable wheels, SPILLVAC® PumpOut ensures easy mobility and precise cleaning control.

Do you need products that are ATEX certified?

We provide a wide range of products that are classified for use in explosive environments.

How it works? We'll show you!

See how the Pneumatic Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner with Unique Discharge Function by Reversing Uncompressed Air works here.