OilBoss Oil Skimmer Minimizes Machine Downtime.

Separating leaking oil from coolant can in some cases be problematic and you rarely reach the coolant performance required. The result will be costly machine downtime, bad quality, health problems such as skin irritation, oil mist and bacteria that create a bad Monday morning odor.

Continuous Circulation

With OilBoss, these type of problems are minimized as it continuously circulates the cutting fluid while separating oil, oxygen is added and the cutting fluid is continuously reconditioned.

Easy Assembly

OilBoss oil skimmer is easy to install directly on the machine without any intervention or tools. Fixed with magnet at an appropriate height for ergonomic handling, emptying etc.  No machines or containers in aisles that can cause spillage and slippery floors.

Minimal Maintainance

The compact, easy to clean design of the OilBoss mimizes maintenance. Made of transparent plastic that makes it easy to keep track of the oil level and when to empty it.

For Machines with long Downtime

OilBoss is a good solution for machines with long stops since it constantly circulates the liquid and continuously separates the oil, oxygenates and prevents the cutting fluid from getting bad.

For Machines that run Continuously 

Even in applications that run around the clock where the oil usually does not get the time required for it to float on the surface, OilBoss is very effective.

Easy to put in Place

It is also particularly suitable for machines whose tanks have a shape or location that make conventional oil skimmers impossible.

Extend the service lifetime of the Coolant 4 times.

Keeping coolant clean is essential. Dirty coolant generates oil mist and the too familiar “rotten egg” smell. Bacteria thrive and pose a health risk to operators. With an OilBoss, the life of the cutting fluid is extended at least 4 times and the tool wear is minimized.

OilBoss Oil skimmers have many Advantages over Conventional Band, Tube or Disc skimmers;

> No hoses, wipers, discs, or tapes worn

> Eliminates placing containers and oil separators on the workshop floor with spillage as a result

> OilBoss takes up minimal space since it is placed on the machine with magnets

> The oil stays in the oil separator until it is emptied manually

> OilBoss picks up heavy oils that conventional skimmers can’t handle

> OilBoss’s unique Surface Sucker™ that sucks away the surface oil is very compact and also fits very tight sumps

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